Inbound Customer Care & Support

Customer service and support comprises of the array of benefits and services provided to the customer before or after a sale or a purchase. A good customer service and support plan is essential to the survival of any business initiative of any organization. In a highly competitive market, a quality customer support ensures an enhanced brand value and customer retention.

At HAB-IT, we recognize the importance of customer sales and support. In addition to adding new customers to the esteemed list of clients, the focus on good customer support to the existing is absolute.

The type of customer benefit services we offer include:

Order Taking

Telesales and Marketing

Post Sale customer support

Technical Helpdesk


Product support

Market surveys and Research

HAB-IT provides modern customer support infrastructure with highly skilled and trained customer service agents. Our agents are well trained about the products, services and post-sale support. The ability to comprehend and analyze the customer grievances or needs with compassion and intent is the major part of our customer support plan.

HAB-IT provides high quality customer service and support programs with cost effective and economical plans. The understanding of a good customer support for our clients makes us appreciate the huge significance of a quality customer support.